We offer a full range of building services, from new build to a simple repair, to Local Authorities, publically funded bodies and construction professionals.

What most of our customers have in common is that the people living in or using the buildings in which we work are not those responsible for funding the work. For example, we carry out the adaptation of homes and other buildings for use by disabled people, adapting kitchens and bathrooms, widening doorways, building ramps, etc, which is funded by the Local Authority; we carry out repairs and alterations in schools and other public buildings, and we work with surveyors and architects to build, adapt and repair buildings subject to insurance claims etc.

We are very successful at this type of work, due to the unique way in which our company is structured, the training we provide to our workforce and the ethical approach we take to business.

  • All Gibsons staff are fully trained and time-served, and have instilled in them our own standards for both workmanship and customer care. These standards are exceptionally high and have earned us an enviable reputation in this field.
  • We have back-office, administration and finance functions manned by experienced staff, who are ruthlessly efficient! This means that we can effectively manage multiple projects quite easily. Any of our customers can ring us at any time to obtain a full status report on their job there and then.
  • Strong management and control of business including organisational and supervisory skills
  • We understand the different needs of those occupying the building and those providing the funding. In effect we have two customers for each job and we have procedures and processes in place to meet the needs of each.
  • We are accustomed to working with vulnerable people, such as the elderly or the disabled.
  • We are accustomed to working in buildings that are occupied for the duration of the building project.
  • We have a strong trading position, sound financial standing and proven management capabilities.

By exploring this section of our website you will find more detail on some of the more popular types of work we undertake.

This is not, however, a comprehensive list. In short, if there is work needs doing from digging a foundation to painting the walls, we can probably help, so please contact us with your query.

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